2018-12-11 Lightning Talks

Join us for an unplugged CapCHI meetup! We’re moving away from our usual format and bringing you a casual night of Lightning Talks.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 6:30 – 9:30 pm; doors open a 6:00 pm.

LOCATION: The Clubhouse – Mulligan’s Golf Bar, 201 Queen Street, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 5C9.

REGISTRATION: (Free!) We request that you pre-register via Eventbrite, but it is not required to attend… https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lightning-talks-tickets-52985461943

Lightning talks are a series of 5 minute presentations from a wide range of professionals and academics from the HCI, UX, and Design worlds. Our speakers will be talking about what interests and excites them outside or inside of their everyday work. Whether it’s technology, art, or history, we’re here to find out what people are passionate about. No matter what your interests, we guarantee you’ll learn something new!


1. Shamima Khan, Director, User Experience at Radiant Design Studio

Not My Day Job – The Secret Life of a UX Designer

I have somehow become part of the underground arts scene in Ottawa and will be sharing my experiences.


2. Noah Fang, Service Designer & Business Strategist at Wingd Inc.

The Mythical Transformation

Debunking the myth of organisational transformation by identifying three types of transformations an org undergoes, with implications on what an org needs to survive in the future.


3. Jeremy Kuzub, Developer at Shopify

Bottling the Aurora Borealis – How We Try to Relive Moments and Memories

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) define the Arctic and the Canadian Experience. They are ephemeral, mercurial, unbelievable, and defy everyday experience. But the experience has always been a challenge to capture and share and re-live – how have we tried to do this in the past and present, and what lessons does this have for other experiences and memories?


4. Lisa Fast, Service Designer, UX Architect, Speaker and Co-founder of Vation Inc.

The UX of Math Experiments – When Kids Cry

Some years ago, I took on adapting a set of math and cognitive experiments into online versions for little kids. Several of my friend’s kids cried or just wandered away during the pilot tests – it was brutal. I’ll share some of the most simple and fun ideas from the project, including one of the experiment-games that gave our longitudinal study an amazing retention rate. Kids came back every year into the study just to play it, surprising the heck out of us.


5. Bruce Tsuji, Professor at Carleton University

What University Teaching Has Taught Me: Tales from the Other Side of the Lectern

Many (most?) of us have at least some experience with post-secondary education.  However, as someone who has only relatively recently joined the academic ranks (2013) I have been surprised and amazed at what I’ve learned about universities from the teachers’ side of the lectern.  I hope you will find a few tidbits amusing and disconcerting about our university system in 2018.


6. Damien Middleditch, Team Lead of Digital Planning at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The IA of Kitchen

Ever had the experience of helping in someone’s kitchen and spending an eternity finding… the… right… (it’s here somewhere) spoon? Bring your UX skills into the kitchen!


7. Mike Freeman, UX Specialist at The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

Improving IRL Experiences

As what some people would call a realist (others a negative &@&%$) I’ve always had issues communicating and interacting with some people, but others I just click with. To better understand what was causing this issue I applied some of the techniques used when designing a user experience to my IRL interactions with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.


8. Mila Stojmenovic, Postdoctoral Fellow at Carleton University

Social Media’s Influence on Websites

Social media has ‘Influencers’ who are meant to persuade you to buy things. Let me tell you, they are successful! … But can a completely unfamiliar person or nameless textual user review sway your opinion of a website’s usability or visual appeal? Does social media influence how we use websites? Does the impact last, even after you have first-hand experience with the website? The answers may surprise you.


9. Luc-Rock Paquin, Manager of Client Experience Testing at Service Canada

From Couch Potato to Ironman Finisher

I went from being a total couch potato to running 10 marathons and completing an Ironman triathlon. I’ll explain how YOU can accomplish anything with perseverance and determination.


10. Peter Eszes, Senior Designer at Shopify

How Speaking Multiple Languages Results in Better Solutions

In many occasions people I talk to voice their opinion of how unfortunate it is, that I had to learn a second language, since my mother tongue is not widely spoken. To that my usual response is, that I find it unfortunate that not everyone is forced to do so. Equipping everyone with the capability of thinking about problems in different ways and in different languages.


11. Gil Cote, Optimization Delivery Lead at Treasury Board Secretariat’s Digital Transformation Office

Pinball Collecting and Tribalism

Tribalism can be found in the most unexpected places. I’ll share what collecting pinball machines has taught me about communities and tribalism.


12. Vivienne Kay, UX Designer at Shopify



13. Michael Grigoriev, UX Lead at Shopify



AND YOU! That’s right, we’ll be opening up the floor. If you’re up for it, tell us about your own interests or hobbies in a quick 5 minute presentation.

More speakers will be announced closer to December 11th.

Mulligan’s Golf Bar

We now meet at 201 Queen St., 3rd Floor in “The Clubhouse”. Our new space has:

  • An elevator to the 3rd floor
  • A very relaxed atmosphere with a geeky vibe that suits our group
  • Seating for up to 50 people, and potential for more in a pinch.
  • Restrooms
  • Free underground parking after 5 pm in the CD Howe building, 235 Queen street.
  • Private bar and dedicated serving staff
  • Excellent pub food at reasonable prices including vegetarian options
  • Large screen projector and smaller screens for local viewing
  • Microphone for presenters

We moved to avoid a parking nightmare on Elgin, to welcome more UX people who work downtown, and to be more accessible.  Regrettably, we are not yet fully accessible (we really tried) because the elevator door to the 3rdfloor is 30” wide and the elevator interior is not large.  Also, the accessible toilets on the 3rd floor do not have a bar beside the toilet.  However, some mobility barriers have been removed.  We canvased many, many locations, and this location had the very best overall qualities including great food, appropriate room size and layout, a fun side, friendly management, good audio and visibility of speakers, and a fee structure we could afford.  We hope you will love it as much as we do.

About Us

CapCHI (www.capchi.org) is a social and professional society of people who work as user interface designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in and around Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


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