2017-05-16 A Student Showcase of UX Expertise

You are invited to a presentation of cutting edge research in UX. This year’s student projects are all over the map: online co-design of clothing, sharing the space in collaborative virtual reality environments, multi-sensory belts that can enhance your engagement with the arts, a voice-controlled app for Tesla cars, a gamified 24/7 fitness assistant system, and a decision-making tool to reduce bias in decision-making.

Students are from Carleton University and Algonquin College and engaged in a variety of design-related programmes and members of many different research labs.

Date: Tuesday May 16th, 2017.
Time: doors open at 6:00 pm; presentations begin at 6:30 pm.
PlaceUpstairs room (3rd floor) NOTE Main floor dining room (turn right upon entering) at The Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

Registration (Free!): We request that you pre-register via Eventbrite, but it is not required to attend… https://www.eventbrite.com/e/capchi-event-a-student-showcase-of-ux-expertise-tickets-33897440156


Presentation Details:

1. Hala Hawa is a recent graduate of Carleton’s Industrial Design programme. Her supervisors were Professors Bjarki Hallgrimsson and Steven Murphy. Hala is now the founder and CEO of Hawahat Inc. a design strategy & management-consulting firm. She’s top notch. Her retail branding work at Canada Post has garnered local, national and international design awards.

For her thesis work, Hala conducted a qualitative study that explored Canadian consumers’ attitudes towards customizing / co-designing clothing online. It focused on consumer needs, desires, experience and priorities. To further explore this market, Hala interviewed international experts. Her findings identified user personas with the highest potential uptake of this service.

Hala’s thesis: https://curve.carleton.ca/9b6df1e1-f052-45fe-b02b-6346f1d8d152

2. Anthony Scavarelli is a Carleton University PhD student with an interest in connecting people together with technology that is able to augment physical, social, and affective bonds. He will be answering the question How do we share virtual reality environments without crashing into each other in the physical environment? He is supervised by Rob Teather and Ali Arya.

Anthony will be presenting iCRASH. As Anthony explains it: As VR becomes more ubiqitous it is not unreasonable to assume that we will have dedicated “VR rooms” in our living spaces. Anthony will review the research into the area of preventing collisions between multiple users (including his own research), such as family members, sharing the same VR space.

3. Daniella Briotto-Faustino and her teammates will be presenting their group project for a graduate course in HCI at Carleton called Emerging Interaction Techniques. Their supervisor is Audrey Girouard.

This team’s project was entitled SensArt: Engaging with Visual Art Through a Multisensory Experience. They aimed to provide a more full and rich experience to those viewing visual art (e.g. paintings) by using multisensory technology to enhance the emotional and descriptive qualities expressed in works of arts. They combined a belt that provides vibration and temperature stimuli with headphones that played classical music. See their prototype and hear about usability test results.

Daniella Briotto-Faustino holds a post-graduate degree in IT and is an experienced system analyst and IT project manager. Her teammates are Sandra Gabriele (graphic designer/usability specialist), Rami Ibrahim (database programmer/ IT project coordinator), Anna-Lena Theus (marketing and advertising specialist/piano player).

4. Minseok (Min) Kim and fellow teammates will be presenting a group project for a Mobile Application Design and Development Program in the School of Media & Design at Algonquin College. They will be presenting EVE for TESLA, a voice assistant app to help drivers interact with their Tesla cars, reducing the risk of distraction on roads. They used Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Instant Communication, Bluetooth, Location services to build their solution.

David Medhurst, Geemakun Storey, Hassan Saad, Leonardo Alps, Min Kim, Raviraj Mangukiya and Juan Lu are students with various backgrounds, coming from 6 different countries, who like to innovate. The team consists of 5 developers and 2 designers. Their project supervisors were Steve Griffith and Gerald Hurdle.

5. Zhao Zhao is a PhD student in the department of System and Computer Engineering at Carleton University, supervised by Ali Arya.

Zhao will be presenting a gamified 24/7 fitness assistant system. The system is a gamified Android application with input from wearable devices. The overall objective of the system is to promote people’s daily activity by using wearable and gamification technologies, and to generate customized and gamified health/fitness recommendation.

6. Paul Yammine is a computer enthusiast. He’s interested in information visualization. Paul will be completing his Honours degree in Computer Science at Carleton University this year, under the supervision of Robert Biddle.

Paul will be presenting his project which focused on the visualization aspects of a tool called Analysis of Competing Hypotheses. Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) is an intelligence analysis tool developed by the Central Intelligence Agency to reduce the cognitive limitations of individuals selecting a best hypothesis to fit a collection of data. Paul developed a web application utilizing D3, a visualization library for JavaScript. Paul will present an interactive radar graph that he developed and evaluated. It’s easy to use, demonstrates the worth of the assembled data, and facilitates exploration of it, thereby reducing cognitive biases.

7. Ashley Murray & Shannon Shaw just recently graduated from the Graphic Design program at Algonquin College at the end of April. Both are among the top students in their program and are passionate designers focusing in UX and UI design, as well as motion and illustration.

Ashley and Shannon will be presenting their work on the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health Design Jam, which they organized and ran a design jam with youth advocates that were flown in from around Canada. The design jam focused on communicating the results from research done on internet interventions for youth seeking help with their depression and anxiety. The designers then created a final product with the results for their Interaction Design course taught by Jed Looker.


When and Where:

This event will take place on Tuesday, May 16th, 6:00 pm at the The Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

There will be free appetizers and our partners at The Fox & Feather will provide attendees with a 10 percent discount on food and non-alcoholic drinks.


CapCHI (www.capchi.org) is a social and professional society of people who work as user interface designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in and around Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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