2016-12-13 Lightning Talks

Join us on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at The Fox & Feather Pub and Grill for an unplugged CapCHI meetup! We’re moving away from our usual format and bringing you a more casual night of Lightning Talks!

Date: Tuesday December 13th, 2016.

Time: doors open at 6:00 pm; presentations begins at 6:30 pm.

Place: Upstairs room (3rd floor) at The Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

Registration (Free!): We request that you pre-register via Eventbrite, but it is not required to attend… https://www.eventbrite.com/e/capchi-event-lightning-talks-tickets-29650716090

Join us at 6:00pm for complimentary appetizers and chats with like-minded friends. You’ll also get 10-percent off food and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening.

Lightning talks explained

Lightning talks are a series of 5 minute presentations from a wide range of professionals and academics from the HCI, UX, and Design worlds. Our speakers will be talking about what interests and excites them outside of their everyday work. Whether it’s technology, art, or history, we’re here to find out what people are passionate about! No matter what your interests, we guarantee you’ll learn something new.


Shamima Khan, Director, User Experience at Radiant Design Studio

Michelangelo – Artistic genius and an original UX designer

  • Michelangelo, the world famous artistic genius, created the statue of David and the Sistine Chapel ceiling among many other incredible works of art. But there’s another, little-known side to Michelangelo. This talk will briefly discuss the UX processes he followed hundreds of years ago as a renowned painter, architect, and sculptor.

Tamyca Dorrington, UX Designer, Service Canada

Gardening as an instrument of grace

  • We live in an era of instant gratification. We see something, we want it, we get it. The idea of waiting for something is almost inconceivable in modern society. How can we learn to be more patient people? Tending to a garden, even just a few houseplants can help cultivate an appreciation for the things in life that take a little longer to come to fruition.

Gillian Massel, Content Strategist, Shopify

The art of the insult

  • As an arrogant teenager, I was drawn to Shakespeare’s insults as a way of expressing my contempt. Now, as an adult, I admire the Bard’s inventive invective for it’s creativity, playfulness, and demonstration of master wordsmithery. In this brief talk, I’ll explore some of Shakespeare’s finest insults and explain the literary technique behind his greatest abuses.

Lina Bonapace, Director of UX Research, Macadamian

I am a map addict!

  • I love maps and have surrounded myself with them in various forms since my childhood. I’ve found them useful to follow, beautiful to look at and fun to immerse myself in. I’d sit in a plane and stare at the flight routes dreaming of my next exotic destination, I’d follow the drawing of the golf course on the scorecard to see what obstacle lay ahead, and I’d search for the places my family came from in a beautifully coloured atlas. In this lightning talk I will share with you my fascination in creating maps in both my personal and professional life.

Monica Zaczynski, User Experience Design and Research Consultant, Telus Health

Just start already: Lessons learned from my pet Sourdough Starter

  • Beginning with an interest in exploring foods and health, I’ll share my my journey, partially fuelled by a stubborn determination, to make an amazing loaf of bread. What I learned from several failed attempts is that, making a sourdough starter is more than reading the recipe and following instructions. It can teach us all about learning how to read and respond to our environment, how to be patient and mostly importantly to experiment and have fun.

Joel Kapongo, CEO and Co-founder, Tumello

Parallels Between UX and Music

  • Over the past few centuries music theory has undergone lots of evolution. Given that music and user experience design are both creative processes, we can draw parallels between these two disciplines. There’s a lot UX designers can learn from music! In this talk, Joel, will present these parallels in a fun, relatable, and easy to understand manner.

Scott Duncan, Senior Consultant, Systemscope

Chimeda: Reconciliation on the Ottawa River

  • Since 2013, I have organized “Chimeda”, an annual canoe trip with the Algonquin community of Kitigan Zibi, and my own village of Wakefield. Each year, we paddle the Gatineau River to Ottawa. The trip was borne of a real desire among people in my community and Kitigan Zibi to get to know each other, and to create friendships. At a time when there is so much divisive rhetoric, we are pleased that for Canada’s 150th, our trip will be larger than ever: a potent symbol of reconciliation on the Ottawa River.

Alëna Iouguina, UX Research Lead, Shopify
Anthony Dewar, Co-founder: Ecotonos Design + Manufacturing

Designing collaborative experiences with robots

  • Robots are beginning to work and play side by side with people and present new experiential opportunities at the intersection of human and technology driven cultures. With the help of our Musical Robots we’ll show how today’s robots are not only fully buildable in a home environment, but also smart, adaptable, and possess a great sense of humour. As a result, new research and design practices are emerging to address the virtual and physical interfaces that further blend the line between nature and technology and will make you question what it means to be human.

Hilary Little, Senior UX Designer, CBSA

Green burial

  • After chatting lightheartedly with my daughter one day about what I’d want done after my (hopefully very far off) demise, I realized that none of the traditional options resonated with me. I disliked the idea of buying an expensive casket just to put it in the ground, the idea of chemical embalming just felt wrong and I didn’t want to eternally perch on anyone’s shelf in an urn. What I wanted was something much more in tune with nature. I believe my final request was “just stick me in the ground and plant a tree”. But was that even possible? In this lightening talk, I’ll tell you about green burial, and shed light on some common misperceptions about the traditional way of doing things.


AND YOU! That’s right, we’ll be opening up the floor. If you’re up for it, tell us about your own interests or hobbies in a quick 5 minute presentation.


When and Where:

This event will take place on Tuesday, December 13th, 6:00 pm at the The Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

CapCHI (www.capchi.org) is a social and professional society of people who work as user interface designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in and around Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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