2010-02-16 Jeff Parks on “Being Human is NOT Quantifiable”

Title: Being Human is NOT Quantifiable

Date: Tuesday February16th, 2010
Time: 6:00pm
Place: TheCodeFactory, 246 Queen St., Ottawa


Technology has taken much of our humanity.  Hard data and quantitative measurement while important have begun in many ways to dominate the choices we make in both business and government.  And yet, we are trying to communicate through design and other forms of technology to people, not other machines.  We are all Social Animals.  Our very nature and reason for being is based in feelings and individual realities from the culmination of a life time of experiences.  In short, no equation or set of data can sum up the “user” because they are the ultimate “X” factor in everything we design.

Jeff will share experiences from interviewing and learning from thought leaders in Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, and Human Factors on every continent over the last five years. He will share insights from Jesse James Garrett, Jon Kolko, Peter Morville, Daniel Szuc, Indi Young, Eric Reiss, and others.  Jeff will also share some of the most powerfully emotional stories told at conferences and involve those in attendance to demonstrate the ways in which we can all become more effective in balancing both hemispheres.

Speaker Bio:

Jeff Parks is the President of i.a. consultants and the Canadian Lead for the European based User Experience firm, FatDux.  He has been called the voice of Information Architecture and User Experience for his work in producing Radio Johnny, Boxes and Arrows, as well as the i.a. podcasts, syndicated through iTunes; with a global audience numbering in the tens of thousands.  A world-renowned conversationalist, Jeff has interviewed some of the most influential minds from Google, IBM, Apple , ClickTale Web Analytics, Apogee, Adaptive Path, Cisco, and more. Jeff is also working with colleagues in New York and Washington in the creation of The UX Workshop http://www.theuxworkshop.tv; is the lead for the Ottawa chapter of the UX Book Club; and is a mentor in the Information Architecture Institute.

Prior to entering the world of IT, Jeff was a cognitive rehabilitation therapist for individuals suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) working with the leading minds in Neurology, Speech / Language Pathology, and Physiotherapy.  This work also lead to his working with pre-kindergarten children with learning disabilities and behavioral issues that put such children at risk for the public school environment.

When and Where:

This event will take place on Tuesday February16th, 2010, 6:00pm at TheCodeFactory, located at 246 Queen Street, between Bank and Kent, (on the second floor) above the Green Papaya Restaurant.

Note: there is no cost for attending this event and prior registration is not required. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. An informal social gathering will follow at a nearby pub.

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