Date: November 15th 2014

Happy belated World Usability Day! WUD2014 was officially on November 13th, but you can still come celebrate with us on Tuesday, November 18th at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill. We`re having a panel discussion on user engagement in gaming featuring four industry professionals and of course, you, the audience. This will be a highly interactive event and you might even have the opportunity to demo some new products after the official proceedings.

As usual, the doors will open at 6:00pm for networking and snacks (on us!) with the event itself beginning at 6:30. As our official partner, the Fox & Feather will be giving everyone 10% their food and non-alcoholic drink orders for the night. The event is free, but for details and registration (requested, but not required), please go to:

Here are the profiles of our panel members and discussion moderator:

Shamima Khan is the Studio Director at Radiant Design Studio where she is responsible for business development, project management and delivery of interactive eLearning applications and games. Shamima brings more than 15 years’ experience in user-centered design, customer research, software development and validation. She has spearheaded the design and implementation of over 25 web applications and game based eLearning apps with a focus on compelling user experience.

Shamima is joining this event because she's passionate about UX and education, and believes gamification is not just a buzz word.

Ben Kane has been an independent game developer for the past four years, with his most recent project taking him into the world of virtual reality gaming. The game, "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", is a co-operative party game where players must work together to defuse a bomb in virtual reality with the help of players in the real world. Ben co-founded a new company, Steel Crate Games, and is part of a team that is working to create what they hope will be the definitive VR party game.

Virtual reality is a quickly evolving technology and with it comes a lot of experimentation and learning. Long held assumptions of game development are suddenly no longer valid and game developers are racing to find new solutions. Ben plans to clear the air on the current state of VR game development, including its outstanding challenges as this technology prepares to hit mainstream audiences.

Carla De Ciccio holds the position of Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Hibernum where she develops marketing and communication strategies for the studio’s operations and product launches. Before Hibernum, Carla co-founded the Ottawa International Game Conference where she held the role of Chief Operating Officer and developed strategic alliances with some of the largest companies in the video game including Microsoft, Amazon, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Playscreen, Warner Brothers and Unity, to only name a few.

As a female gamer and industry professional, Carla will be discussing engagement of female users and any particular challenges for developers looking to tap into the female market.

Finally, our moderator for the panel discussion, Kyle McInnes is the co-founder of Smoke Labs, a mobile game and app studio with clients as large as Mattel. As a moderator, he'll bring his experience from a game studio perspective, but also from 5 years as a blogger that covered the game industry and founded a mobile game blog called

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