UX Architect

Location: Ottawa, Canada

(Ref # 928708)

The UX Architect must be highly skilled at balancing users’ needs, technical constraints, and business objectives while working in a fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate is an expert in leading the design of complex web applications across multiple product lines and has a track record for making the complex simple. He or she should have extensive experience converting user stories into detailed interaction specifications and/or prototypes that are elegant and easy to use. This position requires strong written and verbal communication skills, and a great sense of customer empathy.

For more info and instructions on how to apply, see the UX Architect job listing.

2014-12-09 CapCHI Startup Showcase

Ever wonder what is going on at the leading edge of technology and user experience research and design in Ottawa? Well here’s your chance to see some exciting new companies show off their wares at the CapCHI Startup Showcase!

Date: Tuesday December 9th, 2014
Time: doors open at 6:00 pm; debate begins at 6:30 pm
Place: The upstairs room at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

Registration (Free!): We request that you pre-register via Eventbrite, but it is not required to attend: http://bit.ly/1pol2Ig

On Tuesday, December 9th at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, five local startups will present their products and business concepts to a distinguished panel of UX specialists and entrepreneurs. The aim of the event is to get these companies exposed and to provide them with valuable feedback that can help them tweak a product, improve the product roadmap, or simply get some words of encouragement that they’re doing an awesome job.

Come for the product demos and stay for the awesome networking, food, and drinks. Doors open at 6:00pm for networking and the event starts at 6:30pm. There will be free appetizers and our partners at The Fox & Feather provide attendees with a 10 percent discount on food and non-alcoholic drinks. We invite you to stick around for post-event networking and some potential hands-on technology demos!

Meet our Startups:

Unified Technology Solutions

Creators of Unified BM, a cloud-based business management platform that enables auto parts companies to manage their   businesses through automation, market and sell their brands online and share data seamlessly with other companies. Companies use Unified BM to create and manage data, sell parts and services online, control data sharing between companies, automate tasks between companies, and track progress.

Presenting on behalf of Unified Technology Solutions will be Sean Maisonneuve, a visionary entrepreneur from Ottawa, Canada, with over 14 years of experience building successful companies.  He is the co-founder and CEO of Unified Technology Solutions, a software-as-a-service development firm that specializes in a cutting-edge cloud-based business management platform called Unified BM.  Sean is also the founder of the online auto parts store Premier Performance.  He is a seasoned cloud IT professional who, in his down time, enjoys expanding his knowledge of history and building high performance cars.



Tattoo Hero

Tattoo Hero is the premier software that makes the business of tattooing easy. Founded in 2012, and born out of Startup Weekend, Tattoo Hero wants to be the premier resource for the Tattoo industry. Whether that be through connecting first-time tattoo buyers and collectors to artists and shops on their site, to their SaaS platform that’s currently in production that takes care of the front desk with booking, reminders, inventory, and staffing – Tattoo Hero is ramping up to carve itself a place in this very tightly-knit and vibrant industry.

Presenting for Tattoo Hero will be Brandon Waselnuk, Co-Founder and CEO. With a background in business marketing, strategy, and investment he consistently pushes himself to grow and learn. Also a big supporter of volunteerism and charity he spends time working on large scale issues in the social sector such as; youth unemployment, feeding children, and mental health. As he continues to study Generation Y motivators, behaviours, and methods to engage them.




Givopoly is your Ottawa Gift Concierge Service. Started by a couple of Ottawa accountants, Givopoly offers a refreshing gift shopping experience that delights both sender and recipient. Givopoly’s concept was born from an idea to create an efficient online marketplace and pair it with great delivery service to help busy friends, family, colleagues and organizations execute thoughtful intentions all year long. Having already partnered with 70+ great local businesses to feature 1000+ affordable gifts, Givopoly is quickly becoming your one stop shop for Ottawa gifts.  Call it your Gifts-On-Wheels.

Presenting on behalf of Givopoly will be Susan Richards, FCMA, a virtual CFO for hire providing risk management, cash-flow, and financing services to entrepreneurs and SME. She is also the co-founder of Givopoly.



Privacy Analytics

Privacy Analytics is an Ottawa-based start-up that provides organizations with enterprise software to unlock health data for secondary purposes. It is the only company to offer its customers software, peer-reviewed methodology, and valued-added services that protect the privacy of individuals when sharing health data – enabling complex analytics and critical research insight.

Presenting for Privacy Analytics will be Vanessa Boothroyd, a recent graduate of Carleton’s Human Computer Interaction program, and current User Experience Specialist at Privacy Analytics. She has graduate research experience with users’ perceptions of online risk and previous work experience doing usability testing for Neo Insight. Best of all, she is a semi-regular attendee at CapCHI meetings!



Personal Neuro Devices

Personal Neuro Devices is a company that stands at the center of brain health, wearable technology, and big data. Their technology allows you to collect brain metrics on their wearables (coming soon!), train your brain with apps like MindMender and Transcend 2, and track your performance and learn about your mind on Introspect.

Presenting on behalf of Personal Neuro Devices will be Tomek Sysak, Director of Marketing.



Meet our Panel of Advisors:

Scott Smith is a co-founder of Neo Insight Inc., with 30 years of experience in design, strategy, and management. He has conducted user experience testing or evaluation with 100+ small business owners. Scott has been responsible for over $20 million in business cases, many aimed at small businesses. His experience includes business analysis, qualitative research methods, product management, market analysis, and competitive strategy. http://neoinsight.com/.

Mike Mason is the CEO and co-founder of Gladmen. He has played a growth role at more than 5 startups including Guides.co and Magmic Inc. Mike has also project managed apps like The New York Times Crosswords, The Rubik’s Cube App, and several Mattel Projects. He has experience going from $0 to $1M run rate. http://gladmen.co/http://www.magmic.com/.

Scott Simpson, CEO of BitHeads http://bitheads.com/.

AND YOU the Audience!


When and Where:

This event will take place on Tuesday, December 9th, 6:00 pm in the upstairs room at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

CapCHI (www.capchi.org) is a social and professional society of people who work as user interface designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in and around Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

2014-12-06 Accessibility Camp Ottawa at Carleton University

Date: Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Time: Doors open at 8:30 am; event begins at 9:00 am and concludes at 5:00 pm

Place: 1125@Carleton (Human Computer Interaction Building (HCI), 4th and 5th floors at Carleton University)

Registration ($20, $30 late registration): http://a11yyow.ca/register/

The 2nd edition of a11yYOW will bring together the capital’s Web industry and the Ontario, Quebec and Canadian governments around the theme of web accessibility.

a11yYOW will feature a mix of speakers and unconference-style sessions, as well as an open panel discussion with representatives from the Canadian, Ontario and Quebec governments on their respective web accessibility standards.

It will be an ideal opportunity to reflect collectively on issues of accessibility with actors of the web industry, experts and representatives of public and private organizations and representatives of various levels of government!

The hashtag for this event is #a11yYOW

Follow us on Twitter @A11YYow

Check us out on Lanyrd http://lanyrd.com/2014/a11yyow/

Join the Meetup group to get updates on future events: http://www.meetup.com/a11yOttawa/


2014-12-02 The New Standard on Accessibility: WCAG 2.0

David Berman will be presenting a public course open to all, called  “The New Standard on Accessibility: WCAG 2.0” at OCADU Inclusive Design Research Centre in Toronto, Ontario on December 2, 2014.

They are offering a $120 discount to all professional members.

… more information about what David’s presenting:


and more information on the event overall:

A full-day comprehensive, powerful, and memorable event that explores WCAG 2.0: Web, Office, InDesign, and PDF. Walk away with immediately-applicable tips and techniques to make your sites and documents accessible.

…and here’s info on David Berman:


2014-11-18 User Engagement in Gaming – A Panel Discussion in Celebration of World Usability Day 2014

CapCHI presents User Engagement in Gaming – A Panel Discussion in Celebration of World Usability Day 2014 at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill!

Date: Tuesday November 18th, 2014
Time: doors open at 6:00 pm; debate begins at 6:30 pm
Place: The upstairs room at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

Registration (Free!): We request that you pre-register via Eventbrite, but it is not required to attend: http://bit.ly/1t8fxIK


With November comes World Usability Day and in recognition of this year’s theme of “Engagement”, we will be hosting a panel discussion on engagement in gaming. Gaming has become ubiquitous in our society, where we have witnessed the gamification of everything from mental and physical health, to education, to brand marketing, and improving retail customer loyalty. With all that gaming going on, it’s no wonder that the industry is claiming approximately 1.2 billion people in the world are actively engaging in some form of gaming with global game revenues expected to hit $75.2 billion this year, and growing to $86.1 billion by 2016 (according to newzoo.com).

Please join us at The Fox & Feather Pub & Grill where you can engage with our panel of gaming industry professionals who will be discussing various aspects of user engagement in gaming. The discussion will range from user experience, to marketing, and beyond. Here is a rundown of our panel:

  • Shamima Khan, M.A. (Human-Computer Interaction), B.Sc. (Computer Science), is the Studio Director at Radiant Design Studio where she is responsible for business development, project management and delivery of interactive eLearning applications and games. Shamima brings more than 15 years’ experience in user-centered design, customer research, software development and validation.  She has spearheaded the design and implementation of over 25 web applications and game based eLearning apps with a focus on compelling user experience. Ms. Khan has researched and designed a wide variety of complex systems including instructor-student interactions in online learning environments, usability issues for digital television systems, push-to-talk applications, digital game authoring technology, and mobile technologies for clients such as AMITA, Hivva Technologies, and Nortel Networks. Prior to founding Radiant Design Studio, Shamima worked for CSA, DISTIL Interactive and Entrust.Shamima is joining this event because she’s passionate about UX and education, and believes gamification is not just a buzz word.
  • Ben Kane has been an independent game developer for the past four years, with his most recent project taking him into the world of virtual reality gaming. The game, “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, is a co-operative party game where players must work together to defuse a bomb in virtual reality with the help of players in the real world. Ben co-founded a new company, Steel Crate Games, and is part of a team that is working to create what they hope will be the definitive VR party game.Virtual reality is a quickly evolving technology and with it comes a lot of experimentation and learning. Long held assumptions of game development are suddenly no longer valid and game developers are racing to find new solutions. Ben plans to clear the air on the current state of VR game development, including its outstanding challenges as this technology prepares to hit mainstream audiences.
  • Carla De Ciccio holds the position of Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Hibernum where she develops marketing and communication strategies for the studio’s operations and product launches. Before Hibernum, Carla co-founded the Ottawa International Game Conference where she held the role of Chief Operating Officer and developed strategic alliances with some of the largest companies in the video game including Microsoft, Amazon, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Playscreen, Warner Brothers and Unity, to only name a few. Prior to that, Carla acted as a community manager and a communications advisor for many start-ups in the tech and digital media industries where she became a specialist in crowdfunding after carrying out multiple successful campaigns on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms.Carla holds a Bachelor’s degree in communications and business administration from the University of Ottawa and brings a unique blend of creativity and result driven strategies to the studio.
  • Finally, our moderator for the panel discussion, Kyle McInnes, is the co-founder of Smoke Labs, a mobile game and app studio with clients as large as Mattel. As a moderator, he’ll bring his experience from a game studio perspective, but also from 5 years as a blogger that covered the game industry and founded a mobile game blog called QuicklyBored.com.

Please join us for this free event at 6:00pm, on Tuesday, November 18th for complimentary appetizers and great networking opportunities. The event itself begins at 6:30pm and we encourage everyone to stay for a drink and continue networking after the event has concluded. As always, our partners at The Fox & Feather will be providing everyone in our group with 10% off food and non-alcoholic drinks.

When and Where:

This event will take place on Tuesday, November 18th, 6:00 pm in the upstairs room at the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill, located at 283 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, Canada (foxandfeather.ca).

CapCHI (www.capchi.org) is a social and professional society of people who work as user interface designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in and around Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

UX Opportunities at SAP

SAP in Vancouver is looking for talented Interaction Designers, Prototypers, and UI Developers who are passionate about design and curious about Big Data and Analytics.  Come join our diverse, fun, and growing UX team.

1: Senior Interaction Designer for Lumira



2: Senior UI Prototyper for Lumira



3: Coming soon….  Senior UI Developer for Lumira 


Lots of great benefits including the original “Lunch on Us” card.


VP / Senior Director User Experience (Ottawa, Toronto)

VP / Senior Director User Experience (Ottawa, Toronto)

Organization: Akendi

The VP / Senior Director User Experience is the executive user experience advocate with 12-15+ years of experience that guides the creation of intentional experiences through conducting user experience strategy, research, testing and design for both Akendi internal and external clients. You strategize and problem solves to ensure that the work that is delivered to clients will meet project objectives, follows the Akendi process and inspires clients with perfectly executed user experience insights and solutions.

You guide a team of employees with skills and experience related to user experience research and design and other related industry fields and manages their projects to produce final outcomes that reflect positively on Akendi and our clients.

You are an ambassador for the Akendi brand and a key stakeholder in user centred UX research and design related decision-making, ensuring state of the art approaches, methods and assures the quality of Akendi user centred research, testing, information and interaction design.

You participate in the execution of UX research and UX design projects for websites, software interfaces, mobile interfaces, from kick-off to completion. You possess a deep understanding of user research techniques, information design and interaction design principles and approaches with core strengths in information plus interaction design and user research. You work with a deep understanding of user-centered research, strategy and innovation and how to apply it successfully to final user experiences.

You ensure that projects meet the requirements of the client and are completed on time and within budget while respecting client business goals as well as being responsible for maintaining day-to-day client relationships. You oversee the execution of projects from external vendors such as recruiters, freelancers, front end coders and coordinates estimates, scheduling, production and delivery of final deliverables of these vendors.

You participate in delivering Akendi’s training courses related to UX, as well as in making recommendations for changes or updates to the training curriculum and program

Desired Skills & Experience

  • 12-15+ years of experience in UX Research, IA and Interaction Design
  • Contribute to development of “best in class” UX research and design services
  • Manage user experience team, project planning and work flow
  • Worked in a consulting environment
  • Manage day-to-day responsibility to user experience team and outside vendors as required
  • Plan and estimate effort for projects
  • Contribute to blog writing
  • Deal with conflict management and resolution
  • Responsible for the proper application of UCD principles, Akendi’s Experience Thinking process, and other components to create innovative user experiences that meet customer, business and user needs
  • Be fully knowledgeable and conversant in user centered design methodologies and how the Akendi experience thinking process fits with UCD
  • Provide quality assurance of research and design deliverables
  • Contribute to the development of the user experience team’s culture and quality standards
  • Elevate the level of the work coming out of the user experience team
  • Educate project teams from other disciplines on the user centered design process and its value
  • Communicate the user centred approach, process, value and experience thinking to clients
  • Be an Akendi user experience ambassador
  • Take a supporting role in Akendi’s UX training program, creating curriculum, course materials
  • Manage partner relationships
  • Limited project travel as required (5-10%)
  • Manage multiple deadlines and conflicting priorities
  • Deliver UX training courses and make recommendations for curriculum updates


  • 10+ years of working in the UX field, 5+ yrs as a people manager, ie. managing a team of 7+ people
  • Advanced degree (Masters, PhD) in UX related discipline, including:
    • Cognitive science
    • Computer science
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Human Factors
    • Psychology


  • Ottawa, Toronto

About Akendi

Akendi is a user research, user experience design & product strategy firm. We are passionate about the creation of intentional experiences – whether those involve digital products, physical products, mobile, service or bricks-and-mortar interactions. We work shoulder-to-shoulder to improve the experiences companies deliver.

Please send your resume to humanresources [at] akendi.com

Thank you to all applicants, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Senior UX Architect (Ottawa)

Senior UX Architect (Ottawa)

Organization: Akendi

Senior Interaction Designer

The Senior Interaction Designer with 5+ years of experience must be self-motivated and able to work both independently and in conjunction with team members and product groups. Drive, enthusiasm and flexibility to work on a variety of projects are necessary, as well as the ability to rapidly acquire new domain familiarity.

We’re looking for someone that has deep knowledge of current interaction design trends, user research, theories and methodologies (especially user-centered design), and an intuitive feel for how interaction design activities provide unique value added throughout the product development lifecycle.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Information Design / IA
  • Wireframes
  • Project Management
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing

Education: advanced degree in one of the disciplines below:

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Computer science

Please send your resume to humanresources [at] akendi.com

Thank you to all applicants, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

2014-10-21 Interactive Tour of Carleton University’s Advanced Cognitive Engineering (ACE) Lab

It’s time again for our annual field trip!

In the past couple of years we’ve been to simulation centres at the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre and Algonquin College’s School of Health and Community Studies. This year, we’re heading to Carleton University to get a look at (and chance to jump into) their collection virtual simulators in the Advanced Cognitive Engineering Laboratory (ACE Lab).  

Date: Tuesday October 21st, 2014
Time: doors open at 6:00 pm; tour begins at 6:30.
Place: Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Dr, VSIM Building (2205 Second Floor), OttawaON K1S 5B6, Canada.

Registration is required (limited tickets!)http://www.eventbrite.com/e/capchi-event-interactive-tour-of-carleton-universitys-advanced-cognitive-engineering-ace-lab-tickets-13337848865


The ACE lab is associated with the Visualization and Simulation (VSIM) Centre, the mission of which is to discover fundamental principles of human perception and cognition and to apply these principles to the design, implementation and evaluation of advanced human-machine systems.  Examples of research projects at the ACE Lab include:

  • Aging, cognition health and general aviation pilots
  • Motion cueing and simulator-based flight training
  • Embodied cognition in virtual cockpit training systems
  • Virtual training system for search and rescue operators
  • The VSIM Holodeck project (this is a new initiative).

We’ll open the doors at 6:00pm as usual (room TBD) with some light refreshments and networking. The tour will begin at 6:30pm, so don’t be late! We’ll head to either Mike’s or Oliver’s (the campus bars) afterward for further networking.

Why is this a paid event?

While most of our events are free, we have decided to ask for a small amount to reserve your spot on the tour. We are space limited to 30 participants and want to ensure that those who register will come, rather than taking a spot from someone who would otherwise be there. If the event sells out, please put your name on the waiting list! We will provide refunds up to 48 hours prior to the event, so any vacated spots will be offered to those on the waiting list. Also, if the waiting list is long enough, we could try to put together a second visit to the ACE lab on a different date.

What can you expect to see on the tour?

We will tour the ACE Lab’s simulator infrastructure, including:

  • Full motion (6-dof) helicopter simulator
  • Motion cueing seat
  • Bell 206-type flight simulator
  • Hi-definition 8-channel large scale display system

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, not everyone will be able to demo the simulators, but many will have the opportunity!

Will there be a presentation, or just the tour?

Dr. Chris Herdman will present a brief introduction to the VSIM Centre and the ACE Lab.
A general overview of the various projects will be given while touring the facility.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Herdman has been on the faculty at Carleton University since 1988 where he is currently a Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, as well as Scientific Director of Carleton University’s Centre for Visualization, Simulation and Modelling (VSIM).  During his 25+ years at Carleton, Dr. Herdman has distinguished himself as a psychologist and inter-disciplinarian, but particularly as a leader in the establishment and scientific direction of the VSIM Centre where he is not only the Director, but also the team’s Principal Investigator.  Dr. Herdman has demonstrated unwavering commitment to advancing scientific research, attracting approximately $43M in research funding. He is accredited with securing funding of $28.8M for the VSIM Centre, an amount which included not only $14M from Federal and Provincial Government agencies, but also close to $15M from industry partners.  Dr. Herdman’s own research approach is to link basic research in human cognition to the design, implementation and evaluation of advanced human-machine systems through the use of modelling and virtual reality simulations.

Under Dr. Herdman’s direction, the VSIM Centre has developed over 20 industry partners from across Canada who are actively engaged in research and development. The Centre is also directly connected to key government agencies and research labs, including the NRC, Transport Canada, and the Department of Defence labs across Canada. As the Director, Dr. Herdman ensures the VSIM Centre is very involved in education and outreach, providing hands-on projects for high school students, sponsoring over 50 public tours and demonstrations (annually) for government research agencies and Federal (and) Provincial government ministries,  as well as hosting diplomats, scientists and officials from all over the world.

Dr. Herdman received his Honours B.Sc. in Psychology in 1979 from Trent University and subsequently a(n) M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Alberta.

When and Where:

This event will take place on Tuesday, October 21st, 6:00 pm at Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Dr, VSIM Building (2205 Second Floor), OttawaON K1S 5B6, Canada.

Registration is required (limited tickets!)http://www.eventbrite.com/e/capchi-event-interactive-tour-of-carleton-universitys-advanced-cognitive-engineering-ace-lab-tickets-13337848865 

CapCHI (www.capchi.org) is a social and professional society of people who work as user interface designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in and around Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Making Modal Windows Better For Everyone

To you, modal windows might be a blessing of additional screen real estate, providing a way to deliver contextual information, notifications and other actions relevant to the current screen. On the other hand, modals might feel like a hack that you’ve been forced to commit in order to cram extra content on the screen. These are the extreme ends of the spectrum, and users are caught in the middle. Depending on how a user browses the Internet, modal windows can be downright confusing.

Modals quickly shift visual focus from one part of a website or application to another area of (hopefully related) content. The action is usually not jarring if initiated by the user, but it can be annoying and disorienting if it occurs automatically, as happens with the modal window’s evil cousins, the “nag screen” and the “interstitial.”

However, modals are merely a mild annoyance in the end, right? The user just has to click the “close” button, quickly skim some content or fill out a form to dismiss it.

Well, imagine that you had to navigate the web with a keyboard. Suppose that a modal window appeared on the screen, and you had very little context to know what it is and why it’s obscuring the content you’re trying to browse. Now you’re wondering, “How do I interact with this?” or “How do I get rid of it?” because your keyboard’s focus hasn’t automatically moved to the modal window.

This scenario is more common than it should be. And it’s fairly easy to solve, as long as we make our content accessible to all through sound usability practices.

For an example, I’ve set up a demo of an inaccessible modal window that appears on page load and that isn’t entirely semantic. First, interact with it using your mouse to see that it actually works. Then, try interacting with it using only your keyboard.

Making Modal Windows Better For Everyone

[Source: Smashing Magazine]