Call for Participation: CapCHI Interactionary, February 2013

Call for Participation: CapCHI Interactionary
February 2013

CapCHI will be hosting another Interactionary event in February, 2013. This is a great event that gives industry and academia a chance to interact and show off their design skills.

The Game (the interactionary explained)
The “Interactionary” is a special event in which 3 or 4 design teams work for a short time on an interaction design challenge in real time, in a competitive and fun format. It provides the participating teams with the opportunity to contribute to the CapCHI community, as well as an opportunity to show off their design process and skills in an event that is sure to draw a big audience and generate a buzz! The session will be entertaining and educational, demonstrating ‘live’ some of the less tangible aspects of team design processes, as well as the more formal elements.

The Rules
At the Interactionary, each team is given 10 minutes to work on-stage on a design challenge. A panel of judges will highlight and discuss what they see as the most interesting and important aspects of each team’s approach. Each team will be scored on a number of categories, including outcome, team communication, and design process. There are rewards for all teams! The audience is also polled for discussion and comment, and to see how their views compare with those of the panel. After the Interactionary, the teams will be expected to assist in providing a permanent record of the event.

We are looking for STUDENT AND PROFESSIONAL teams! Enter with a team of four (i.e., co-workers, colleagues, fellow students), or as an individual. The first four individuals who respond will be included in an ad-hoc team. Further details will be sent to the lucky participants. To enter into the Interactionary contact Michelle Gauthier directly at gauthiermi1 at Final submissions are due by January 15, 2013.

Check out the summary from our last Interactionary:!

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